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AI Solutions

quibim brain volumenty

Quibim’s Brain Volumetry tool is part of the Central Nervous Suite, an automated post-processing solution, to provide quantitative measurements and monitor subtle volumetric changes in the entire brain.

quibim white matter lesions

The White Matter Lesions tool uses a novel AI methodology based on an ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) that is able to accurately detect and segment white matter hyperintensities in FLAIR images within seconds. The resulting quantitative information can serve as an aid during early diagnosis, patient monitoring, and decision-making.

Gastro-Intestinal Suite

Quibim’s Liver Fat and Iron Concentration tool forms part of the Gastro-Intestinal Suite, an automated post-processing solution, to provide quantitative measurements in different clinical scenarios across the whole liver.

quibim Respiratory Suite

Quibim’s Lung Densities tool forms part of the Respiratory Suite, an automated post-processing solution that assists with the interpretation of CT lung studies by providing quantitative and

actionable insights.

QP-Prostate Reproductive suite

The QP-Prostate tool offers a fundamental change in analyzing prostate MRI exams by helping radiologists improve their workflow and support their accurate decision-making. The tool automates laborious tasks and generates quantitative information that can hardly be obtained by the human eye, providing clinical benefits and economic advantages. QP-Prostate follows PI-RADS V2.1 guidelines to complete and standardize prostate MRI reports.