Olea breastscape

Automated, didactic and standardized Breast MRI imaging solution.


The complete vendor-neutral solution

Characterizing and following breast MRI imaging exams or planning interventional procedures are optimized to make "advanced image processing" feasible and a reality in your every day routine.

  • Automated Quantitative Measures
  • Lesion follow-up
  • Didactic Reporting Assistant
  • Integrated BI-RADS® ATLAS* report
  • Optional Module "BreastLoc"
    (Breast Biopsy under MRI)

MRI | CE |


Improve patient throughput thanks to computing and reporting automation.


Develop a strong diagnosis confidence thanks to an intuitive and reliable workspace.

key features

  • 4D automatic MIP mode
  • Automatic subtraction
  • Integrated BI-RADS® ATLAS* report
  • Automatic metrics computation (lesion volume, lesion-to-skin, lesion-to-nipple, lesion-to-chest)
  • Lesion follow-up
  • 3D MIP, MPVR, 3D Volume rendering
  • Grid template                     
  • MRI-guided breast interventional procedure planning assistant